Disqualified presidential candidate aspirant of the Convention People’s Party (CPP), Onzy Nkrumah has secured a court injunction on the party’s national delegates congress slated for Saturday.

In an interview on Radio Ghana on Thursday, Mr. Nkrumah explained that “the injunction was actually issued. It was not just being sought. It was sought and it was granted meaning that they have cancelled the event on Saturday.”

“This means that if they go ahead with it, it will be illegal,” he added.

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He however, accused his sister, and a CPP presidential candidate aspirant, Samia Nkrumah of masterminding his disqualification from race.

He is quoted to have said: “…I find it very difficult and unfortunate that she is trying everything to bring me down, not only her but her friends…why are they doing that for? Why are they only targeting me and not the others? So it is obvious.”

Nonetheless, Onzy Nkrumah claims to deeply love the CPP therefore, his seeking of a court injunction is only aimed at “improving the party and increasing the fortunes of the CPP.”

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“The CPP is in tatters, it is seriously divided, the CPP needs serious rebuilding…I am trying to seek to reverse and not to allow the division and the decline to continue.”

Meanwhile, the Deputy General Secretary of the CPP, Eric Asani confirmed that the party has indeed received the injunction.

“We received it this evening after we had done our rounds in connection with the congress that we are to hold on Saturday so yes, we have received an injunction,” he said.

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He insisted that the congress will take place as planned saying, “as far as I am concerned, the congress is still coming on. It is the most ridiculous news ever to hit the Convention People’s Party. If anybody claims to love the party, he will not go round doing this.”

“We have notified our lawyers so they will be the best people to deal with the injunction but as far as I am concerned, the congress is coming on live.”