According to him, the party's claim of nepotism against the Nana Akufo-Addo government will not win it the 2020 polls.

The leading NDC member and former Deputy General Secretary of the NDC wants the party to focus on a solid campaign message, stressing that both the NDC and the New Patriotic Party have been guilty of nepotism.

He said on Kasapa FM: “It’s not everything that must be politicized. At the end of the day, is it Ghana alone that this thing is going on? Is there any manifesto which speaks against this? I keep telling people that 2008 what brought NDC to power is the better Ghana agenda, which I was an integral part of it. And by the grace of God we came to power because we had a message.”

According to him, “we may have to do a DNA test before giving appointments.”

He urged the two political parties to focus on the bread and butter issues, the roads, hospitals, and how the leaders will solve the everyday problem of Ghanaians.

“We have all made certain mistakes in the past. Lets move forward in the trajectory that will help us. Let us not belittle the intelligence of Ghanaians. We must focus on the deliverables,” he said.