President Nana Akufo-Addo has praised his performance in governance.

“I will not boast, but I know I have really done well in my first year of office,” Akufo-Addo said.

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According to him, he has shamed his critics by delivering on his campaign promises.

“Those who spread falsehood and criticized my promises are now ashamed, they have even refused to congratulate me for the work I have done so far and on delivering on my promise,” he noted.

He said a solid foundation has been laid in the field of agriculture, infrastructure, education and health for the progress of the country.

He also said more jobs are going to be created in 2018, observing that the economy is beginning to improve.

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He said: “We have laid a solid foundation in our first year of office in the field of agriculture, infrastructure, education and health, the foundation has been laid for the taking off of our country and next year is going to be about jobs.”

“Parliament today [Friday] passed the second budget of my presidency, a solid and good budget which we will use to work to improve the economy. We are putting the woeful economy left by the previous government on track within our first year, all economic indicators are going in the right direction, deficit, inflation, interest rates and that is the foundation am talking about,” he added.