The former Communications Director of the New Patriotic Party  (NPP),

He said such a development is detrimental to the party in non-Akan areas.

The current boss of State Transport  Corporation (STC) said the lack of diversity in the national leadership of the party is something that has to be addressed.

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Nana Akomea who was tipped to run for one of the national positions let down his supporters after he failed to pick his nomination forms, instead calling for diversification in the party.Below is the full statement from Nana Akomea:“In the last couple of months leading up to the NPP national executive elections, l have been accosted by various groups in the NPP to urge me and pledge support for me to contest for for one or the other national executive positions. Delegations have come from Ashanti, Eastern and Western regions had come to my office to urge me on. Several WhatsApp groups have been formed by like minded individuals to promote my contest.Several individuals and key party leaders have also spoken to me about offering myself for a national position.Research conducted by the Danquah Institute found out that l was the clear overwhelming favourite for one of the key executive positions.When nominations opened last week, l declined to pick forms. What is emerging is that this particular election may present the NPP with the most undiversified national leadership, as almost all the elected positions may be filled from the Akan sub group.

Every effort must be made to ensure that some of these positions have elected members from outside the Akan subgroup.It is to be part of this effort that l have declined to contest for the Vice Chairmanship position. It is my great hope that the three Vice Chairmanship positions will afford the election of other members from outside the Akan sub group.I remain thankful to all the groups and individuals who have looked forward to my contest and who will be disappointed now. I assure them it is for the greater good of the party.The Npp remains the best political party to take this country to the “promised land”.God bless us all