Leader of the Glorious Wave Church International, Prophet Emmanuel Badu Kobi has warned President

He said he has discovered that the handlers of the President have intentions of poisoning him through food and drinks.

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"The President must be very careful with what he eats. I went into the spiritual realm and realized that some persons surrounding the President had conspired and done certain things that threw the entire country into a sorrow state. He needs to be very careful about those who feed him. Equally he should be careful with the water he drinks," he said.

Speaking on Accra-based Kasapa FM, he said Ghana will face financial turmoil this year and it will, therefore, be difficult for the government to create jobs.

According to him, things will be really tough for the government in 2018 thus Ghanaians should brace themselves.

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He stated that the scary prophecies could be avoided by fervent prayers backed by faith, but they are unavoidable if nothing is done.