The National Chief Imam Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu and Archbishop Palmer Buckle have been pictured in a warm hug.

The two, in another picture, were capture praying together in the Islamic stlye.

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Mr Barhama Gattuso shared the pictures with the following comments: "When I tell my friends here that Muslims and Christians in my homeland live together in peace and harmony,they get so surprised.Well this is the National Chief Imam of Ghana Sheikh Usman Nuhu Sharubutu with Archbishop Palmer Buckle of Ghana during the latter's visit to our Imam.This is actually a thank you visit after Chief Imam was told that the Archbishop was taken ill so Imam visited the bishop and even prayed for him.


Mr Barhama Gattuso's post was shared 389 times and with over 100 comments as at press time.

In the comments, many said the pictures were heardwarming.

"Beautiful , heart warming . What is more than this as a people living together . We can always be one if we actually understand the principles of our religion . PEACE," Ayamga Peter Baba said.


Another said: "This and many reasons why I'm proud to be a Ghanaian. A country that prays together stays together."

And another also noted: "We are bless .Hmmm I wish the rest of the world will learn from this . A place where by u ve to go to church only Fridays because it is a Moslem country.Mosque can be found everywhere even along the road side but church is found only in one build where all christians worship. No Christmas celebration .God bless Ghana."