The United Nation Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has began distributing the first batch of 700,000 teaching and learning kits to thousands of schools across Liberia.

A UN statement issued on Saturday, June 6, in New York quoted UNICEF spokesperson, Christopher Boulierac, as saying that the kits would help ensure the continuity of education and learning for students in Liberia.

"As schools reopened last February after a six-month closure due to Ebola, UNICEF provided infection prevention and control kits to get kids back to school.

"It is providing those materials to assist students and teachers return to school, teach effectively, and learn effectively using basic resources," Boulierac said.

He also said the agency has been exclusively responsible for packing 700,000 kits and working with Liberia’s Ministry of Education to distribute those materials to all of the identified schools.

Boulierac also said the distribution process is expected to continue for the following four months, adding that over 800,000 children had returned to school since the reopening in February.