Mahama commended for creating Centralized Database System

A centralized database system will automatically deal with suppose ghost names in our civil and public institutions which cost the nation a lot of money.

On my single behalf and that of all those who signed the petition to H.E. John Dramani Mahama for the creation of a Centralized Database System in April 2014 together with all media houses who kept to this campaign, we say a very big thank to President John Dramani Mahama who saw the wisdom in our campaign and finally subjecting it to action by making allocation for it in 2016. This will be one of the most important projects to be remodeled under your tenure of presidency.

Indeed this will take away the immediate past brouhaha over EC BVR, which we stated long time ago among the following benefits.


This is where possibility of losing data captured for intended purpose can be lost in the advent of accidents or natural disasters can be curtailed. Institutions such as banks, services providers, national health, etc will have no cause for alarm in doing business with prospective clients because they are rest assured of the credibility of info a centralized system will provide. It will aid even the police and other security agencies for swift research on criminals when biometric features are pick up. Businesses can trace easily on clients who default on agreements.

A centralized database system will automatically deal with suppose ghost names in our civil and public institutions which cost the nation a lot of money. Ghana Statistical Service and other institutions in such arena can now project scientific data for policy formulation and pragmatic development. Taking EC BVR for example this system can tell who a foreigner is, eradicate possible voter registration & voting, and progressively monitor and tell under age children till they turn age 18 to vote without the need to register.


We are witnesses to the frustrations citizens go through for simple services that require a form of identification. If we have a centralized data base system, can we imagine the speed with efficiency services can be rendered in this nation where hitherto will take hours? A centralized system eradicates unproductivity and bureaucracy that creates fertile ground to promote corruption which has become a cancer eating the country of up her resources. With output of accuracy a centralized system projects, the nation can have result that are scientific in nature and does not flip-flop between decentralized data systems we operate now.


Considering the cost government incurs to capture, save and process data base on decentralized systems, all can be curtailed and those monies re-channeled into other developmental projects. It has become inconvenience for banks to accept some form of IDs and reliability on such cards gets a lot of questions mark. Why should it be so? It is less costive, reliable and comforting to access data from a centralized system where the ID captures all needed info a firm needs for documentations and execution.

This single project of database centralization will equally give successive governments, institutions & agencies, private sector, donors and investors the confidence that Ghana is deepening her repositioning of being a beacon of hope for Africa.

Your excellency, in our appreciation mood, we humbly request your personal interest in this mammoth project to make sure that NIA does not come in the next ten years to ask for funding for a total overhaul of their operations and functions. Please monitor and guard this exercise which has attracted budgetary allocation.

We reiterate our profound gratitude for this budgetary allocation for National Identification Authority for the implementation of a centralized identification system.

Long live Ghana

Scofray Nana Yaw Yeboah

Consultant, Media Analyst and aAthor

Petitioner for a Centralized Data Base System.


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