The decision was taken by the alumni of the hall in a meeting held on Sunday at the GBC Club House in Accra.

The decision was taken in the wake of a purported communique by the Minister for Education Mathew Opoku Prempeh requesting the University Council of KNUST to reverse the conversion of Katanga hall to mixed hall while snubbing the above-mentioned hall whose all-male status was also altered last year.

Unity Hall Alumni angered by the decision has revoked the alumni status of Dr. Mathew Opoku Prempeh and Prof. Obiri Danso.

“Matthew Opoku Prempeh, the current Minister for Education and Obiri Danso, the current VC of KNUST, were all inmates of Unity Hall during their days in KNUST and by extension, took lifetime oaths to defend the interest of the hall at all times. However, it is clear, these two persons have betrayed the historical course of the hall, as they are the main persons hoping to obliterate the legacy of the spiritual mother that sheltered and nurtured them to be educated humans; you can’t bite the hands that fed you, they ought to know,” a section of the press release reads

“In 2008, before Matthew Opoku Prempeh finalized his intention to run for Parliament, he sent his little sister for permission to come pay homage and to have the hall’s blessings, same was honoured and he appeared before the JCRC and accordingly, was blessed for victory, as one of our own.

“However, we today by this communique, as the Alumni Association of Unity Hall, revoke the hall’s blessings bestowed on Matthew Opoku Prempeh and wish him the opposite for the rest of his political path; Unity Hall would forever mobilize thousands of Alumni to campaign against him on all occasions and we assure him that we would play roles to end his political ambitions.

“And by extension, we send strong signals that his betrayal of the hall that nurtured his political career, would have detrimental effect on his bigger political party’s political fortunes, we assure them.

“And for the VC Obiri Danso, he is the main enemy of Unity Hall, as he is the devil in the midst of this whole brouhaha, as the one who started all this confusion. And as true Unity Hall Alumni, we wish for him, same pain and daily frustrations felt by other Alumni due to his betrayal, and that pain in some other forms should befall his future generations, so they also see and feel what pain is.

“We hereby, stripe Matthew Opoku Prempeh and Obiri Danso off their affiliation to Unity Hall with immediate effect. And by this, the Old Continentals Association would forever resist any attempt by these two ungrateful and betrayals of Unity Hall to lay claim of affiliation to the Hall for any gain whatsoever, be it moral or any such goodwill that stands in Unity Hall’s glorious name. And not even their future generations would be allowed to make such claim, as their cut off from Unity Hall is made public for posterity.