You know how people like to pick on people?

Thats how Ghanaian Twitter (

After the realization that the Pappy Kojo would not take home any award for the night, most people on Twitter couldn't help but troll the "Awoa" singer. Not for a singular reason, but for quite a number of varied ones.

Surely Twitter users like, DJYoGaGhana, showed love for the artiste, but majority really didn't have anything good to say.

If you're a true Pappy Kojo fan, you should stop reading now!!!

Here is our selection of the top 20 tweets.

1. Talk about this guy who is waiting for Pappy Kojo and Yvonne Nelson's romance.

2. Or the sheer disrespect in this tweet

3. All facts but nope. You can't say this about Pappy Kojo

4. I dunbilivit

5. This is just cruelty

6. TBH, Pappy Kojo wasn't even squatting

7. Could this be true?

8. For Pappy Kojo's safety, we reported this to the Police

9. You have to hate Snr. Kwame

10. Don't shade Pappy Kojo's fashion like this. Please

11. 1990 borns? How could you?

12. But Adinkra Pie lowkey 'paps'. See what I did there?

13. Hmmm

14. Qwequ never lied

15. Disgusting!

16. This almost fooled us

17. When Obinim declared Pappy Kojo's future

18. We kent even

19. This Guru comparison

20. We'll just stop it here

Neither can we.

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