BNI arrest radio panelists who threatened lives of judges

Alistair Tairo Nelson, 41, and Godwin Ako Gunn, 39, turned themselves in at the offices of the BNI Sunday.

Alistair Tairo Nelson, 41, and Godwin Ako Gunn, 39, turned themselves in at the offices of the BNI Sunday after news emerged that they were being sought by the BNI for threatening the lives of the judges, according to multiple media reports.

Nelson and Gunn made the threats on an Accra-based radio station Muntie 100.1 FM on June 29, 2016.

One of the panelist said: "I know where the judges live in Accra, I can show you. I know their quarters, the Supreme Court judges. I also know the High Court judges. Yes, I’m telling you, God has a way to show… If they like, they should bring it on. It will start in their residences, I’m telling you, in their neighbourhoods. When we finish them, then it will be over. Then we will come and rule our nation because they don’t wish the nation well. So they have to go. We will see them off to return to where they came from. So that those of us who wish the nation well will take control of the nation and rule it. So they should sit there, and feel that they are Supreme Court judges so…Look, the EC is insulated, article 45. Go and check. You cannot do what you are doing there. You Supreme Court judges sitting there, what do you do for Ghana? Look at your judges accepting bribes, goats and GH¢100 and others. Are you not ashamed. Senior judges on the bench, by this time all of you should have resigned because of what your juniors were doing. Are you not ashamed?"

Meanwhile, the Ghana Bar Association (GBA) in a strongly worded statement condemned the two and also called for their arrest.

"The Ghana Bar Association condemns the threats on the lives judges in no uncertain terms. These threats are even more painful to the legal profession because they were ostensibly made on 29th June 2016, the eve of Martyrs Day, a day when the profession remembers the three High Court Judges and retired military officer who were kidnapped from their homes and murdered by agents of the state," the GBA said in a statement.

The statement added: "We hereby call on the Inspector-General of Police to cause the investigation of those matters, arrest of the gentlemen, charge them with the relevant offences and put them before court. We call on the Attorney-General to ensure that these gentlemen are prosecuted with all the force that she can muster and do her utmost to secure convictions of them. "

Also the Deputy Interior Minister, James Agalga has assured judges that the state will provide security to  Supreme and High Court judges in order not to compromise the security of justices.

He said "The security of our judges, and all those who work in the Judiciary, we place a lot of premium on their security. We will not allow anybody to resort to any conduct which will compromise the security of our Justices."

Speaking on Newsfile on Accra-based Joy FM on Saturday, he added "They [Judges] owe their position to the Constitution. The Constitution itself sets up the Judiciary and makes then independent to adjudicate over disputes that people will bring before them."


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