Bob Myers' role in molding the next generation of industry leaders

In the business world, one of the most important things fledgling entrepreneurs can have is a good mentor.

Bob Myers

This individual can often be a lifelong influence on future business figures, offering advice and suggestions that can steer the trajectory of a new business.

Bob Myers is helping people take the first step in creating a business and inspiring the next generation of business figures through innovation.

A Columbus native, Bob founded the Pillar Technology Group. This group specialises in the emerging technologies of tomorrow. Examples of the areas this group works in are self-driving vehicles, smart grids, artificial intelligence, drones, and software development. In fact, the company is run on a custom computer operating system. To maintain an innovative and creative environment, Bob kept the company lean to take out any impersonal corporate atmosphere.

In August of 2018, the international professional services company Accenture purchased Pillar. Bob stayed on as managing director, changing as little as possible. He knew what kind of employees he wanted: humble, eager to learn, and emotionally intelligent. Some people were hired right out of college or came from other tech companies. Others simply had an innovative nature with no applicable education or experience. Bob simply realised they could be taught.

These forward thinkers find inspiration in Bob thanks to his “no constraints” philosophy. This doesn’t just apply to his employees, as he shares the concept of activating and exercising one’s mind on his popular social media accounts. While younger generations are certainly drawn to this way of thinking, Bob Myers feels that all people should be curious about the world we share and look for ways to improve it.

This has seamlessly transitioned into Bob’s company atmosphere. Pillar was founded to create technology that can improve our lives. In fact, this is the organisation that helped to develop On Star, the popular vehicle safety and security system. Accenture is currently working on many cutting-edge products but cannot discuss due to nondisclosure agreements.

In addition to attracting and motivating his ideal employee team, Bob Myers has been given a grant to contribute to the Smart Columbus project aimed at enhancing and improving the city. As he continues to encourage people to embrace technology, he is challenging them to solve problems creatively. This is an effective tactic for handling new issues we face in our modern fast-paced world. After all, how is outdated thinking supposed to sustain the future?


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