Zia ul Haque: The world loves investing in crypto, and here’s why

The first few crypto investors were drawn to the allure of decentralization. No financial institution, government, or private organization controlled this new money – it belonged to the people.

Zia ul Haque

Today, numerous big-shots are labelling crypto a game-changer, and just as many people are calling their bluff. Despite the recent crypto crash and burn, investor Zia ul Haque shows steady faith in the digital currency. In an exclusive chat, he deconstructs the magnetism of crypto and explains why it’s here to stay.

Zia ul Haque says crypto is the new generation’s style statement. Before, people had bags and shoes to feel “cool.” Today, they have crypto. Fuelled by social media, mainly TikTok, Twitter, and Reddit, the currency has become the hip new scene. Millennials everywhere are clamouring to become a part of this world. The same social media also feeds into their Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO) – nobody likes feeling left out of a good party. Crypto is the cool kids’ “good party.”

It is no secret that cryptocurrency is highly volatile. It is an absolute rollercoaster ride, and that is exactly the kind of thrill that gets younger people addicted to it. Crypto, changing tirelessly at all times, keeps investors on their toes and throws a new challenge at them every second. While this might sound exhausting to some, Zia ul Haque explains that that is what attracts a lot of the people to it.

But crypto is serious business. And there are hundreds of studied investors like Zia ul Haque, backing the digital currency. What keeps them loyal to it are faster, safer, and cheaper cross-border transactions, lack of money-hungry middlemen, and more control over their money.


“Crypto is the common-man’s powerful new weapon. Wield it well, and you take over the world”, says Zia ul Haque. Metaverse, the world of virtual reality, uses crypto as its currency. This new world, spearheaded by tycoon Mark Zuckerberg, is growing at a staggering rate. Justin Bieber played a sold-out show, and fans from all over the world were able to attend. How? The artist leased and played in an arena – in the metaverse. He paid actual (digital)money, and lots of it, to rent out digital space for a couple of hours.

Showing a long list of businesses now accepting crypto as a currency, Zia ul Haque makes a strong case for its legitimacy. This new digital currency is everywhere, and judging by its massive loyal fan following, it’s here to stay.


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