NFT Worlds Are Working on A Brand-New Game After Minecraft Rejects Concept: API3 Elucidates

Integrations of NFTs with Minecraft are generally not something we will support or allow.” Is Minecraft’s official statement when prodded on Mojang and Minecraft’s stance on NFTs.


This is the Microsoft-owned company making it clear that they reject the concept of NFTs entirely – no two ways about it. One of the major companies that suffered a major setback because of this is NFT Worlds, a multiplayer metaverse game that sells Minecraft seeds. It spent a substantial amount of time (think months) and revenue to construct a crypto-economy/ecosystem based on Minecraft. Faced with the issue of rejection from one of the gaming giants, NFT Worlds stated the following: It will develop a blockchain-based game that uses all the features of Minecraft that its users are familiar with, but with “the modernization and active development Minecraft has been missing for years.” What does Minecraft’s NFT rejection mean for NFT Worlds? Should players be bothered? What can the people expect from the new game? With all these questions hanging in the air, we sat with NFT expert API3 for not just the answers, but his take on the situation.

Following Mojang’s announcement distancing Minecraft from NFTs, the value of an NFT World plummeted by 60% in a week. API3 answers a pressing current question: Why did NFT Worlds suffer such a blow because of a simple rejection? To understand that, let us take a deeper dive into what NFT Worlds is, what it does, and how it is related to Minecraft.

NFT Worlds is a gaming project. It is created on Web3’s decentralized technology and is inspired by the wildly popular game: Minecraft. Every NFT World is an expansive, virtual, Minecraft-compatible world with unique features and costs. Each world allows players to build their metaverse.

NFT Worlds works in a play-to-earn fashion where collectors can buy non-fungible tokens, or more specifically, WRLDs, and turn them into whatever they like, including a concert arena, mini-games, and so on, which they can sell for cryptocurrency. What NFT Worlds had done is, instead of building an unfamiliar game with new worlds, it built a blockchain layer on Minecraft – the #1 best-selling video game of all time. Thereby, NFT Worlds could leverage their similar styles of gameplay to get ahead. It is clear why Minecraft plays such an important role in the business model of NFT Worlds.

However, NFT Worlds views Minecraft’s decision as the root of a much broader conflict of Web2 versus Web3 – corporate greed versus decentralization.

To get back on their feet, NFT Worlds has come up with an ambitious solution: Build a Minecraft-like platform to make up for their devastating loss. “We didn’t want to have to reinvent the wheel by creating our own unproven game from scratch, while also having to innovate on the NFT integration & decentralized metaverse side of the platform we envisioned.” NFT Worlds statement continued, “Bottom line, we're not leaving. We have the community, we have the war chest, and we know we can build.”


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