Minority Members of Parliament have called on the Akufo-Addo-led government to hand over the governance of the country to the National Democratic Congress (NDC) if it can’t govern.

The 5 are Minister for Railways Development, Minister of Labour and Employment, Minister for Works and Housing, Minister for Lands and Natural Resources and Minister of Regional Reorganisation and Development.

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This led to an abrupt end of proceedings of Parliament.

However, the Second Deputy Majority Chief Whip, Moses Anim, said the five minister had written to Parliament to explain why they were unable to attend Thursday’s sitting but did not give the reasons.

“I hold in my hand responses from the ministers to the table office that the table office just submitted to me. So the ministers have responded.”

However, the Deputy Minority Chief Whip, Ahmed Ibrahim, who was dissatisfied at the response said: “I can’t take the response given by the deputy whip serious because the Ministers knew they had to appear before the House Thursday.”

“Is he [Second deputy majority chief whip] telling this house that all the five ministers of state have written letters that none of them; not even one can avail himself before the house and responds to the questions that are being asked of them?” he questioned.

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“Today is 7th December and it was 7th December that Ghana went for elections. Just within one year and five ministers of state, not even one is before the House to answer questions. Government business must be taken seriously and this is the House of parliament, this is the heart of democracy, this is why 7th December Ghanaians went to queue to vote,” he said.

“We can’t take this and we can’t believe this. , if you can’t handle the power give it to us we are ready,” he added.

Second Deputy Speaker, Alban Bagbin who presided over proceedings said the five ministers cannot unilaterally decide not to appear before the House.

He asked the Business Committee of the House to reprogramme the five ministers to appear to answer the various questions that have been asked.