Peter Tarr discusses 3 strategies for convincing critics

Peter Tarr follows his/her own advice that you cannot please everyone. However, some critics can sway their opinion to a more favorable one.

Peter Tarr

Peter Tarr has a few tips to win over this group and maybe even some bona fide haters. Just be sure to focus on those who could be on either side of the fence.

Know your critics.

Knowledge is power, and knowing what fuels your critics is the first step in winning them over. Per the great philosopher Cicero, if you want to persuade people, you must speak their language. “Seek out your harshest critics and try to see their perspective,” explained Peter Tarr. “The key is to listen, empathize, and be respectful.” Peter Tarr offers an excellent point here: it is more important for people to respect you than merely like you. If you cannot do anything else, attempt to gain the respect of your critics.

Communicate clearly.


Peter Tarr feels that miscommunication and misunderstanding are the roots of countless problems. Sometimes, people critique you simply because they do not fully understand you. As you find out what drives your critics, you can discover if miscommunication has something to do with their opinions. “Explain your context using whole-brained thinking. Left-brained people want logic and reason, while those who are right-brained want to know your big idea and the impact it will have. And when talking to both sets of thinkers, always be logical,” says Peter Tarr.

Keep it simple.

Finally, when trying to win over critics, you need to keep your statements brief and use common sense. “The more you speak, the more ammunition you give to people,” says Peter Tarr. “Stick to the facts and don’t launch into details because you may risk losing people’s attention. By using this tactic, you are inviting them to ask questions. Your objective is to state your case, not talk your critics into submission. Again, be respectful at all times as this is a powerful weapon to win over the undecided.”

By using these techniques, Peter Tarr has swayed the opinion of many critics in his/her favor. He/she is aware that you cannot win over everyone, and that is perfectly fine. If anything, these are the people who show him/her how he/she can do things better because constructive criticism leveraged the right way does more good than harm.


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