Quiz: How jealous are you?

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On a scale of 0-100, how jealous do you get when you love someone?

What is your greatest relationship deal breaker?

Bad sex
Lack of emotional intelligence

Your partner forgets their unlocked phone at home. What you doing?

Ignore it totally
Read their messages
Turn it off till they return
Depends on my mood

Select a word of endearment

My love
Big head
My life
My all

You catch your partner cheating, what are you likely to do?

Walk away for good.
Demand an explanation but still walk way.
Grant them a second chance.
Omo, person go wound.

Which dark colour describes your mood if you find out you are being cheated on?

Dark Purple
Blue black
Dark red

Your partner staying friends with exes. Your thoughts?

I'm cool with that
Surely not cool with that
What's my own?
It depends.

Bestie of the opposite sex nko, how do you feel about that?

Totally unacceptable
Acceptable within reason

You borrow someone 1k and they win a bet of 1million with it, how much are you expecting from them?

100k & above
Whatever they deem fit.

How did your last relationship end?

I ended it
The other person ended it
Mutual agreement to break up
One of us just ghosted the other

What's your love language?

Words of endearment
Physical touch
Acts of service
Reeiving gifts
Quality time
Your score: 100%!
Your kind of loving is toxically obsessive. You're so paranoid that if anybody comes near your partner, even innocently, you start throwing hands. Alaye, tone it down.
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Your score: 77%
You don't think it's a bad thing but your partner is worried already because you're now above the line with the intensity of your possessiveness. No longer cute.
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Your score: 55%
Just the right dose of laidback + sweet possessiveness. You're logically scared of losing your boo, while still trusting them with enough freedom to live their best life fully. Way to go.
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Your score: 12%
You're so unbothered, so laidback. Your partner often does things to get you to show a little jealousy and that you are scared of losing them. But you even barely notice. E dey pain your boo sha. Try form jealous once once.
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