Quiz: Which break up vibe will be used on you?

Your break up might be on the way. Take this quiz and lets find out which break up line you will be told.

Couple who just broke up

Tell us, why are you taking this quiz?

I am curious
I am having relationship problems
I don't even know

How old is your current relationship?

Less than a year
One to five
Above 5 years

On a scale of 100%, how strong is your love for each other?


When do you think you’d be most tempted to cheat?

When I'm offered money
When I'm bored
When my partner travels

Your partner confesses that they cheated on you. What do you do?

Cheat too as revenge
Break up

Who would you say is the toxic partner in your relationship?

Definitely me
My partner
Neither of us

Last one! Which is your favourite wedding so far?

Your score: You got “It’s not you, it’s me”
This excuse OMG! You’ll soon be one of its endless victims. . Better prepare your heart ooh.
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Your score: You got “Let’s take a break”
This is the worst one because it’ll leave a bit of hope in your heart. You’ll now be waiting until you see their wedding pictures on social media.
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Your score: You got "I love so much but it's just not working"
What they really mean is they're scared of being in a relationship with you, they just don’t want to hurt you.
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