This quiz shows if you’ve lost hope in Ghana or not

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Do you think Ghana is a hopeless country that cannot be redeemed? or you believe that despite everything, the country can become better someday? Answer these quiz questions and let's see what's your stance.

Do you vote?

Not every election year
No, it is a waste of time
Yes, it is my civic duty

Do you have a voter ID card?

No, it’s not necessary
Yes, but don’t know where it is

Do you need the voter ID card for voting or for other transactions that may require it?

For voting
For banking and other transactions

Will you vote in the forthcoming elections?

No, I don’t feel safe
Yes, I must exercise my franchise
It is a useless exercise

Do you care who becomes Ghana’s president?

Yes, I must have a say in who governs men and how I’m governed
It doesn’t bring food to my table
It’s none of my business

When you hear of corruption scandals perpetrated by public officials are you surprised?

It’s the order of the day, so nothing can be done about it
Yes, the laws will deal with them
The war against corruption is not winnable

Do you wish sometimes Ghana was still under military rule?

Yes, there’s too much lawlessness
No, a bad democracy is better than military rule
Yes, but it’s too late

How do you perceive the other minor political parties in the country?

They don’t deserve attention
Voting for them is a waste of it
They will take over from the NPP and NDC someday
Your score: Despite everything, you still love Ghana and hope things will get better
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Your score: You’ve lost hope in Ghana and focus more on your individual bread and butter issues
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