Iron Mike Tyson set to return to the ring to fight YouTube sensation Jake Paul

Tyson, now in his fifties, revealed his intentions during an interview with Jimmy Kimmel and stated that he would not be holding back in the fight.

Mike Tyson has shown interest in a fight with Jake Paul before the end of the year

“I never really took it seriously, but yeah, that could be interesting. He’s skilled enough, yes. I’m going to give it to him, he’s skilled enough because he’s winning. Tyson said.

The former champion seems to be on the Jake Paul bandwagon and believes that the YouTube sensation has done well for himself, even facing off against real professionals that ideally should outclass him in the ring.

“Even if he’s fighting guys that you don’t believe are good enough fighters, they should be able to beat him, but they can’t. He is beating people that he shouldn’t be beating, so you got to give him that credit.” Tyson said on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Jumping to his opponent's defence, Tyson questioned the reasoning behind most of the hate Paul received since he decided to turn professional. Many people, this reporter included, have found it very hard to take Jake Paul’s fighting career seriously.

Paul was known for amusing, but at times audacious content and many felt he had no business in the ring, but he has proved us all wrong by recording victory after victory.

Tyson thinks the criticisms should stop as Paul is doing more good than harm for the sport with his following online.

“He is doing good for a guy that is just doing it, and he is doing so much good for boxing.

Why are people mad at him? He is helping everybody get money.

“This guy has seven million people following him every time he fights. The champions of the world don’t have that many people following them, so what he is doing is just sensational," Tyson said.

If this fight does take place, Tyson, a man who knocked out 44 of his 58 opponents in his professional career, would no doubt be Paul’s biggest challenge so far?

Although many might think Iron Mike is past his prime, he showed that he still has some bite left after dishing it to an unruly fan onboard a flight a few weeks ago.

Jake Paul was quick to respond to Tyson's comments on the talk show, taking to his official twitter page to say: "Thank you to the great Mike Tyson for the respect and opportunity. This year we are making it happen."

Paul is scheduled to fight British boxer Tommy Fury in early August.

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