Cody Vaujin's inspiring journey to top sports consultant

Cody Vaujin is a risk-taker. He has always followed his passion and intuition and has accomplished some incredible feats.

Cody Vaujin

Back in 2016, Vaujin entered into a sports handicapping contest. He was extremely driven and had a strategy for winning.

Even though he was up against 100 of the biggest names in sports, Cody made an astounding impression on the industry when he snagged first place for the most units profited in the tracked handicapping contest thanks to his proven and profitable bankroll system.

He took those gains as a sign to follow his dreams, and shortly after, Vaujin dropped out of college. Cody gave up everything he owned and set out to Las Vegas, where he wanted to make a name for himself. What happened next is history. In only six short months, Cody turned $5,000 into a $4 million profit. He achieved this jaw-dropping accomplishment at the young age of 22, and he knew he was on to something big.

Today, Cody runs a reputable business that focuses on sports consulting. He is a leader in the industry and puts his energy into giving top-notch sports handicapping advice to his clients, who number around 50,000 and counting as people continue to seek his expertise.

Cody Vaujin has been running Codycoverspreads and inspiring hundreds of thousands of fans while providing unparalleled value. One of Cody’s secrets is that he never dwells on the possibility of a failure. “I’ve never really been afraid of failing. Here’s the thing; if you have a downer kind of mindset that propagates the potential of failing, you most likely will. You have to be a winner in your head first and foremost. That’s how success manifests itself in reality,” he shares.

With every financial risk that Vaujin takes, his inner fire and drive are simply stoked even higher. He can channel the energy of the risk into his work and achieve amazing results that often surpass even his own expectations. “I very rarely, if ever second guess myself. I’m confident, and I want to share that feeling of confidence with my 210,000 followers on Instagram. This is why I make sure to post regularly and inspire people. I believe that anyone needs to have a healthy level of self-confidence if they want to achieve big things,” says Cody.

His clients are extremely happy with Cody’s guidance, as they are often up by millions in the sports handicapping industry. Vaujin is proud of his work thus far. He recalls an occasion when he walked out of a casino, and a group of people was chanting, “Codycoverspreads,” the name of his Instagram account and his brand, as he received ample congratulations. Everyone wanted to be a part of this magnetic entrepreneur’s circle and celebrate his success.

The future looks bright for this strategic entrepreneur, and he is excited to continue sharing invaluable insights and inspiring millions of people. For more on Cody Vaujin, follow him on Instagram.


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