Barima Atuahene, the board chairman of the National Chapters Council (NCC) of Accra Hearts of Oak furiously left a board meeting of the club, following the introduction of Ernest Sowah Odotei and Alhaji Akambi, a former management committee chairman and a former NCC chairman of the Phobians, respectively as co-opted members of the board.

The NCC chairman, Atuahene and Alhaji Akambi don’t see eye to eye and have had several heated banters on media platforms.

There are reports that the board chairman Togbe Afede XIV even delayed the appointment of Atuahene board onto the board to replace Akambi, whom he dethroned in the NCC elections, because of his affection for the latter and that was one of the reasons for the tension between the current NCC chairman and his predecessor.

According to sources close to Pulse Sports, Togbe Afede XIV on Monday informed Atuahene of his intention co-opt Akambi and Odotei onto the board, but the supporters chairman told him to take his time for due process to be followed before.

However, the two new members of the board were introduced in a meeting and Barima Atuahene, who didn’t support the idea of co-opting them, angrily walked out of the meeting saying, he couldn’t be part of that meeting.

Although, he walked out, the meeting continued successfully uninterrupted.