FIFA 23: Matchday Experience Preview (What to expect)

EA Sports have finally released the trailer for the Matchday Experience in the upcoming FIFA 23 and here's all you need to know about it.

Pulse Sports previews EA Sports release of the FIFA 23 Matchday Experience trailer

EA Sports' release of their next FIFA title continues to be highly anticipated, considering that it is the last of the union between football's governing body and the iconic developers.

In the build-up to FIFA 23's release later next month, EA Sports have been releasing weekly trailers and teasers on some of the new features that have been implemented into the game, with the latest one being the all-new Matchday Experience trailer.

EA have already released the Career Mode deep dive trailer, which gave us an insight into the all-new ‘Playable Highlights’ feature and the Gameplay trailer.

All of which have so far given us a clear insight on the introduction of new skill moves, penalty and free-kicks techniques as well as HyperMotion 2 technology amongst a host of others.

However, with the Matchday Experience trailer finally dropping, we now have an idea of all the new features that will make this upcoming edition one of the best FIFA releases yet.

So here's what we know from the latest Matchday Experience trailer:

One of my personal biggest highlights of the new game as confirmed by EA in the new trailer is the FIFA 23 In-Match Music.

This means that you can now listen to any of the FIFA 23 soundtracks while playing a match instead of just the basic commentary.

For many fans who aren't so thrilled by the current commentary voice in the game, you could as well make do with this feature as it's certainly sure to come in handy on one of those days.

EA Sports now allows players to enjoy a more casual feel to the game while playing matches, with the ability to listen to the music off FIFA 23's Soundtrack playlist during the match-action.

This is also an excellent addition for cross-play with friends who want to listen to music on their end while you could be listening to the commentary on yours.

This new feature does not necessarily affect the in-match commentary as well as you can turn it on or off if you want, but there's no denying that it is a nice little feature that EA has introduced.

At the time of writing, there's no clue on what songs make it to the FIFA 23 soundtrack list w– so we can’t tell you yet what you could be listening to when playing matches.