5 ways Anas’ ‘Number 12’ exposé has impacted Africa

It was Anas’ exposé which led to FIFA setting up a Normalization Committee to oversee the temporary running of football in Ghana.


One of his biggest stories has undoubtedly been the exposé on the corruption bedevilling Ghana’s football.

The said exposé captured over 77 Ghana football officials and referees accepting ‘cash gifts’ and compromising their duties in return.

Premiered back in June, the documentary, titled “Number 12” has since had a major impact across the African continent.

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Below are five huge ways by which Anas’ exposé has impacted Africa:

1.      Nyantakyi has been banned

Anas’ ‘Number 12’ exposé brought serious consequences to the persons captured perpetrating untoward acts, especially Kwesi Nyantakyi.

On Tuesday, FIFA announced that the former Ghana Football Association (GFA) president has been banned from all football related activities for life.

In addition, the lawyer cum football administrator has also been fined an amount of CHF 500,000 (GH₡2.4million) by FIFA.

2.      Setting up of a Normalization Committee

Again, it was Anas’ exposé which led to FIFA setting up a Normalization Committee to oversee the temporary running of football in Ghana.

With the Ghana Football Association (GFA) dissolved, the committee has the task of putting in place measures to return things to normalcy.

The Normalization Committee members are Dr Kofi Amoah, Lawyer Duah Adonten, Naa Odofoley Nortey and Lucy Quist.

3.      8 referees have been banned for life

The worst culprits of corruption from the Anas exposé, aside Kwesi Nyantakyi, were the referees and assistant referees.

Most of them took monies from undercover reporters posed as team officials with the promise to rigging matches in their favour.

Following the premier of the exposé, the Referees Association of Ghana (RAG) has suspended eight officials for life, while 61 others are currently serving 10-year suspensions.

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4.      NSA boss also interdicted

Another impact that Anas’ exposé made was leading to the interdiction of National Sports Authority (NSA) boss, Robert Sarfo Mensah.

After being captured receiving money in exchange for a favour, Mr. Mensah was immediately asked to step aside by President Akufo-Addo.

Currently, he is being investigated over alleged bribery and corruption which was uncovered in the ‘Number 12’ documentary.

5.      Nigeria coach banned

The Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) has also banned Super Eagles coach Salisu Yusuf after he was captured accepting $1,000 from undercover reporters to influence player selection.

He has also been ordered to pay a fine of $5,000 for acting in that manner and compromising his position as Super Eagles boss.