FIFA agent advises President Akufo-Addo over GFA dissolution

Alexander Quaye has advise for President Akufo-Addo over government-GFA row

Dear Mr. President,

My name is Alexander Quaye, a FIFA Licensed Intermediary (formerly player agent).

Pardon me for resorting to social media as a means to reach you. However, I couldn’t come up with any other means that could potentially draw your attention as much as using the voice of the people who voted overwhelmingly for you.

Whiles on my hospital bed I quietly observed as events unfolded and turned sour praying that someone in your inner circle will draw your attention to the fact that dissolving the GFA is not the answer to the problems in our local football.

Quite frankly the unfortunate events captured on video in the Anas Exposẻ are a fraction of the unethical practices that are present in our local game.

That said, however, dissolving the entire organisation is not the answer.

True football people will tell you that they themselves seek reforms and that thirteen years under the leadership of one individual will naturally take time to unlock.

This piece is not to criticise your intervention. However, it is meant to draw your attention to the fact that the careers of many young players will be defined by what you do in the next few days.

Under three weeks Ghana comes up against Benin Republic in an U20 AFCON qualifier (Assuming the GFA exists at the time and bearing in mind that we can’t play under the Ministry of Sports).

The Black Princesses have an upcoming World Cup event and the Black Starlets also have the WAFU Cup coming up in August.

Over the years, the World Cup has served as an opportunity for young Princesses to gain scholarships to American Universities and others.

Young boys have become bread winners in their families through their participation in the world youth championships.

Heroes have come out of U-17 World Cups – smiles have been put on the faces of many dreamers because of the joy that football brings.

Sixteen clubs in the Premiership give an opportunity to hundreds of kids to play the game and thousands are inspired to aim higher by the lower division clubs.

Kids are taken off the streets because some club administrators feed them, others keep out of trouble because their families, friends and admirers encourage them.

The public supports your actions but I sincerely doubt that they have thought about the ramifications of their support.

The national teams have assignments coming up and these kids have waited years for their opportunity, let them not remember you as the one who killed their dreams.

Someone may have caused their problems but they will remember the one who could have resolved it but did not.

Immediate Reforms

Separate the operations of the various leagues to the GFA, that is to say the GFA should solely be responsible for the running of the various national teams and should not interfere in the running of the leagues

Sign all referees to a one year contract, renewable upon good performance.

Increase referee fees to 1,000 per game thereby guaranteeing a minimum amount of 4,000 in a month

Minimum ban of one year for inappropriate referee behaviour and lifetime ban for repeat offenders (one year ban will result in the forfeiture of almost 40,000 cedis)

In addition to Star Times, GHALCA can sign agreements with Telcos to stream Premier League games at pre-agreed fees of say 1 cedi which could be shared in a 70/30 split in favour of the Telcos for each live stream.

6.Via mobile monies of individual players, Telcos can contribute 300 cedis towards the salaries of each player (Avoids diversion of funds )

Clubs to contribute 200 cedis minimum towards the salary of each playing member (each player is therefore guaranteed a minimum amount of 500 without bonuses)

Government to refurbish pitches and these pitches will be maintained through the fees collected from the live streams.

Government can provide logistical support in the form of transportation for away teams on match days (8 Metromass buses)

These won’t solve all our issues but they can certainly move us forward as clean up our game.

By: Alexander Quaye – Licensed FIFA Agent.


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