Kevin-Prince Boateng: "I wasn't ready to listen to Drogba"

Ghana international, Kevin-Prince Boateng has revealed that he refused to listen to Didier Drogba's advise during his early days in England.

The 29-year-old was talking about how he almost ruined his career in England, after joining Tottenham from Werder Bremen in Germany.

Didier Drogba his fellow African made him know his decision to concentrate more on non football issues by clubbing and wasting monies was going to ruin him, but he refused to listen

“Drogba tried to talk to me [during my wayward days], but I wasn’t open to good advice, not even that coming from Didier Drogba,” SportBild excerpted from the book.

“He said: ‘Focus on football. There’re 1000 coaches and 999 of them will not like you. I had to fight for my place when I came from France.’ But I was not ready to listen to him.”

Kevin-Prinnce Boateng spent three years in England playing Tottenham and Portsmouth, before he joined AC Milan in Italy.

He currently plies his trade in Spain with Las Palmas

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