Court fines Jerome Boateng €1.2 million for assaulting ex-girlfriend

Former Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng has been fined €1.2 million by a German court for assaulting his ex-girlfriend.

Germany defender Jerome Boateng will face allegations of assault in a Munich court on Thursday

The former international and World Cup winner was found guilty of assault, battery, and insult at his appeal trial in Munich.


The player has been on trial for assaulting his girlfriend during a holiday in the Caribbean after the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

The ex-girlfriend accused the footballer of punching her during an argument, causing her to momentarily lose her breath. The court on Wednesday said it considered this claim accurate.

“To the court’s conviction, the accused threw a cooler bag in the direction of the co-accuser causing them pain during an argument on a holiday visit to the Caribbean. In the further course of this evening, the accused caused an eye injury to the co-accuser during a physical altercation and caused further injuries. In these instances, the co-accuser was also insulted,” the court ruling read.

He had initially been fined €1.8 million at his first trial in September 2021. Prosecutors had asked the court to impose an 18-month suspended prison sentence.

The €1.2 million fine will be used to support associations that provide assistance to female victims of violence.

The Ghanaian-born German Jerome Boateng had denied the charges.


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