October 19,2016 was the last day Spanish

Santi Carzola will always be known for being good on both feet but ever since that very day in Razgrad against Ludogorets he was a prime suspect to be one footed as an individual and not a footballer.

Cazorla had an operation on his right ankle two months after the injury and after eight different surgeries failed.

The wound got infected and ate into the Achilles tendon on his right leg where he lost eight centimeters of it.

There a series of antibiotic medications administered to him but to no avail.

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This raised fears of Santi Cazorla losing his leg due to blood infection.

The last operation he had resulted to the skin of his tattooed left hand being drafted to cover the where he had the infection.

Carzola has been on an intense recovery programme as he expects to play football once again next year.

According to Santi Carzola in an interview granted to BBC he did say that he should be satisfied with the fact that he can walk with his son in the garden.

Carzola has won 2 FA Cups and Two European championships with Spain.