Vice President of the Ghana Football Association,

The sports management firm on Tuesday announced a lucrative offer to sponsor the Ghana Premier League, Division One League and women’s league in the country.

Sports Cul revealed that the salaries of the playing body, coaches and allowances for referees and the media will be borne by them to ensure the league become attractive.

However, the GFA who have not been informed officially about the sponsorship package have questioned the sustainability of the mouth-watering deal.

“The interest of Sports Cul is in the area of player transfer-the whole year the transfer of players is not up to 10m. Let say a player like Yaw Frimpong is playing in the country and you are paying him $500 and there is an offer from T.P Mazembe to pay him $5,000, would you (Sports Cul ) decide to increase his salary to $10,000?” George Afriyie quizzed in an interview with Happy FM.

“Another area is how sustainable is the deal. Let say it is true, they want to pay the players that much. How long will this continue and the effect on the players, coaches and referees when they withdraw the deal.

“Sports Cul should bring a proposal and will help them do adjustments and make it a realistic deal that is sustainable.”