Ghana dominated the Ivorians in regulation time, yet they failed to score and the game was thrown into a penalty shoot. The Black Stars scored their first two kicks, while Ivory Coast wasted their first two during the shootout, but Herve Renard's charges emerged victorious.

The Frenchman believes Ghana were the better side in the 2015 AFCON final, but luck eluded them.

“I recently watched the final of the 2015 Afcon, which I haven’t done before,” he told Juliet Bawuah of TV3.

“To be honest, Ghana was better than us. I didn’t know at the time of the final but now I think we were a bit lucky to win the Afcon. It may be strictly football; it may also be destiny.”

He added that he has been a bit lucky in his coaching career.

“I was a bit lucky but i also worked hard. It’s strange to have won the AFCON in 2012 and 2015, with two completely different teams.”

“Luck plays a part in football but you have to provoke the luck. You build the luck. You have to build everything in football. If you don’t have good discipline, a good squad, a good bench, you can’t achieve that. For a tournament like the AFCON, it can be won from the bench because you as a coach sometimes understand things that the players don’t. So with the luck, you build it together, same as team spirit.”