The sensational sneakers have become a luxury item, having been customised by Brooklyn-based product design company MSCHF.

Nike may probably be known for making sportswear, but MSCHF has managed to successfully model one of the brand’s shoes by adding a religious feel.

customised Nike Air Max 97 (Jesus Shoes)

The "Jesus Shoes" are currently hot cake and the news is that those who wear the sneakers can literally walk on water.

This is because the Nike tick emblazoned sneakers have holy water in the soles. So, by wearing them, you are literally walking on water.

The ‘Jesus Shoes’ are modelled on the Bible verse Mathew 14;25, which says: “Shortly before dawn Jesus went out to them, walking on the lake.”

In coming out with this design, the company bought a normal pair of Nike Air Max 97 sneakers for just $160 (GHc872).

customised Nike Air Max 97 (Jesus Shoes)

They then redesigned it by adding a golden Jesus on a crucifix as a shoelace charm and putting holy water in the soles. 

The holy water was taken from the River Jordan and blessed by a priest in Brooklyn, before being added to the sneaker’s soles.

The “Jesus Shoes” were officially put on sale on Tuesday at a price of $1,425 (GHc7,766) and were immediately sold out within a minute.

The buyer subsequently listed the sneaker on the resale website StockX for a whopping $3,000 (GHc16,350).

customised Nike Air Max 97 (Jesus Shoes)

MSCHF’s head of commerce, Daniel Greenberg, said the shoes were designed as a response to ridiculous brand collaborations.

"We set out to take that to the next level," Greenberg told CBS news in an interview.

"We asked ourselves, 'What would a shoe collab with Jesus look like?' Obviously, it should let you walk on water. 'Well, how can we do that?' You pump holy water into the pocket of a pair of Air Max 97's and with that, you get Jesus Shoes — the holiest collab ever."

customised Nike Air Max 97 (Jesus Shoes)

In a separate interview with the New York Times, Greeberg said: “We were wondering, what would a collab with Jesus Christ look like? As a Jew myself, the only thing I knew was that he walked on water."

If you plan to know how it feels to ‘walk’ on water, the ‘Jesus Shoes’ are definitely what you need.

But just be prepared to fork out over GHc16,000 to make a purchase.