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Eintracht Frankfurt
SC Freiburg
Begin: 13.01.2018 14:30 

Eintracht Frankfurt - SC Freiburg

90' 668834383

Full-time! The final score is 1 - 1.

90' 668831347 Eintracht Frankfurt have been awarded a corner by Sascha Stegemann.
90' 668824567 3 minutes of injury time will be added to the second half.
  668814661 There are 45300 people in the crowd for today's match.
86' 668812753 Eintracht Frankfurt's Kevin Prince Boateng is whistled for offside at Commerzbank Arena.
85' 668811447 Aymen Barkok is on a sub for Mijat Gacinovic for Eintracht Frankfurt.
83' 668806147 The away team replace Lucas Holer with Karim Guede.
81' 668799981 Eintracht Frankfurt have been awarded a corner by Sascha Stegemann.
79' 668796687 Eintracht Frankfurt are pushing forward but Sebastian Haller's finish is wide of the goal.
78' 668795381 SC Freiburg drive upfield and Amir Abrashi gets in a shot. The strike is blocked by a Eintracht Frankfurt defender.
78' 668794773 The match in Frankfurt is underway once more.
78' 668794685 Niko Kovac (Eintracht Frankfurt) is making a second change, with Danny da Costa replacing the possibly injured Marco Russ.
76' 668791911 Sascha Stegemann waits before resuming play because Marco Russ for Eintracht Frankfurt is still down.
70' 668779673 Eintracht Frankfurt drive forward but Kevin Prince Boateng is judged offside.
69' 668778023 Marc Stendera is replacing Branimir Hrgota for Eintracht Frankfurt at Commerzbank Arena.
67' 668776277 Corner awarded to SC Freiburg.
64' 668772715 Eintracht Frankfurt advance rapidly upfield but Sascha Stegemann blows for offside.
51' 668745929 Christian Gunter with an assist there.
51' 668745841 Robin Koch (SC Freiburg) nets with a header to make it 1 - 1 at Commerzbank Arena.
51' 668743155 Corner awarded to SC Freiburg.