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Ligue 1
FC Girondins Bordeaux
Racing Strasbourg
Begin: 08.12.2017 19:45 

FC Girondins Bordeaux - Racing Strasbourg


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90' 655820085 The match has come to a close in Bordeaux. The final score is 0 - 3.
89' 655818521 Jerome Brisard has blown to resume play in Bordeaux.
89' 655818347 Younousse Sankhare is writhing in pain and play has been suspended for a few moments.
88' 655817995 Racing Strasbourg make their third substitution with Idriss Saadi replacing Stephane Bahoken.
85' 655815215 In Bordeaux FC Girondins Bordeaux attack through Nicolas de Preville. The finish is off target, however.
84' 655814173 Corner awarded to FC Girondins Bordeaux.
82' 655812089 FC Girondins Bordeaux have been awarded a corner by Jerome Brisard.
81' 655811569 Play is underway once more.
81' 655810875 Alexandre Mendy is back on the pitch.
80' 655809653 The match at Matmut Atlantique has been interrupted briefly for a check on Alexandre Mendy, who is down injured.
76' 655812349 FC Girondins Bordeaux are coming forward and Francois Kamano gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
76' 655804191 Corner awarded to FC Girondins Bordeaux.
76' 655803757 FC Girondins Bordeaux's Younousse Sankhare is on target but unsuccessful.
75' 655803145 Nuno Da Costa (Racing Strasbourg) strikes – and hits the bar! Ohhhh so close!
75' 655802623 Corner awarded to Racing Strasbourg.
75' 655802275 Racing Strasbourg drive forward and Stephane Bahoken gets in a shot. Without netting, however.
74' 655801231 Thierry Laurey (Racing Strasbourg) is making a second substitution, with Ihsan Sacko replacing Martin Terrier.
71' 655796731 Racing Strasbourg have been awarded a corner by Jerome Brisard.
66' 655790735 The home team replace Valentin Vada with Jaroslav Plasil.