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Ligue 1
SM Caen
AS Saint Etienne
Begin: 12.08.2017 18:00 

SM Caen - AS Saint Etienne


A total of 17606 spectators is reported.

90' 583174196 The match has come to a close in Caen. The final score is 0 - 1.
90' 583168126 3 minutes will be added to the second half.
90' 583167692 Stephane Jochem blows against SM Caen's Christian Kouakou for offside.
90' 583166308 Corner awarded to SM Caen.
86' 583159038 The away team replace Romain Hamouma with Gabriel Silva.
81' 583148640 Ivan Santini (SM Caen) goes close with a header but the ball is scrambled away by AS Saint Etienne defenders.
78' 583143330 SM Caen's Jonathan Delaplace has been booked in Caen.
77' 583141588 Digbo Maiga is replacing Assane Diousse for AS Saint Etienne at Stade Michel d'Ornano.
74' 583133944 SM Caen have been awarded a corner by Stephane Jochem.
73' 583132034 Alexander Djiku (SM Caen) gets up for a header but cannot keep the ball on target.
72' 583129514 Patrice Garande is making the team's second substitution at Stade Michel d'Ornano with Stef Peeters replacing Durel Avounou.
69' 583123700 Damien Da Silva (SM Caen) is first to the ball but his header is off-target.
67' 583124484 Jonathan Bamba instrumental with a fine assist.
67' 583120834 Goal! AS Saint Etienne have got their heads in front thanks to a Romain Hamouma strike.
63' 583112320 SM Caen push upfield but Stephane Jochem quickly pulls them for offside.
62' 583110490 Oscar Garcia (AS Saint Etienne) is making a first substitution, with Lois Diony replacing Oussama Tannane.
61' 583109098 SM Caen's Ivan Santini attacks the ball with his head but his effort fails to hit the target.
59' 583104160 The home team have replaced Herve Bazile with Christian Kouakou. This is the first substitution made today by Patrice Garande.
54' 583107368 In Caen SM Caen drive forward through Damien Da Silva. His shot is on target but it's saved.