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Int. Friendly Games
Begin: 14.11.2017 16:30 

Qatar - Iceland

90' 640748404

Full-time! The final score is 1 - 1.

90' 640747706 Qatar are pushing forward but Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed's finish is wide of the goal.
90' 640746838 Hasan Al Haydos with an assist there.
90' 640746578 Goal! Mohammed Muntari equalizes to bring the score to 1 - 1.
90' 640745882 Omar Mubarak Mazaroua Al Yaqoubi blows against Iceland's Kjartan Finnbogason for offside.
90' 640745794 The fourth official's board shows 4 minutes, which will be added to the second half.
87' 640743270 Qatar push forward through Abdelkarim Hassan, whose finish on goal is saved.
85' 640742494 Mohammed Muntari of Qatar is pulled up for offside.
84' 640741624 Ahmed Mohamed El-Sayed (Qatar) gets a yellow card.
80' 640739282 Qatar's Akram Afif gets his shot away but it misses the target.
79' 640738504 The away team have substituted Ari Skulason with Aron Gunnarsson. Heimir Hallgrimsson is thus making his sixth change.
79' 640738244 Corner awarded to Qatar.
78' 640738158 The match at Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium is underway again.
77' 640737722 The match at Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium has been interrupted briefly for a check on Ari Skulason, who is down injured.
76' 640736514 Ahmed Alaa is on a sub for Ismail Mohamad for Qatar.
76' 640736426 Ahmed Fathi is replacing Assim Madibo for the home team.
75' 640736166 Abdelkarim Hassan is replacing Abdulkarim Al-Ali for Qatar at Abdullah Bin Khalifa Stadium.
70' 640734250 Iceland's Kjartan Finnbogason has run offside.
68' 640734074 In Doha Qatar drive forward through Mohammed Muntari. His shot is on target but it's saved.
67' 640733900 The home team have replaced Almoez Ali with Mohammed Muntari. This is the third substitution made today by Felix Sanchez.