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Int. Friendly Games
Begin: 14.11.2017 18:45 

Russia - Spain

90' 640828154

The match has come to a close in Saint Petersburg. The final score is 3 - 3.

90' 640828066 Spain's Rodrigo Moreno is back in action after a slight knock.
90' 640827722 Play has been resumed.
90' 640827026 Gianluca Rocchi will wait an extra 3 minutes before blowing the whistle to end the second half.
90' 640826414 The match has been stopped briefly for attention to the injured Andrey Lunev.
90' 640826154 Rodrigo Moreno is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments.
87' 640824328 Stanislav Cherchesov is making the team's sixth substitution at Saint Petersburg Stadium with Vladislav Ignatjev replacing Igor Smolnikov.
85' 640823376 Russia's Fedor Smolov gets in a shot on goal at Saint Petersburg Stadium. But the effort is unsuccessful.
82' 640820420 Russia make their fifth substitution with Dmitri Kombarov replacing Yuri Zhirkov.
81' 640819290 Corner awarded to Russia.
75' 640813920 The home team replace Fedor Kudryashov with Konstantin Rausch.
72' 640811148 Russia push upfield but Gianluca Rocchi quickly pulls them for offside.
70' 640810452 That's a fine assist from Aleksandr Kokorin.
70' 640810190 Fedor Smolov gets an equalizer for Russia. The score is now 3 - 3.
70' 640809322 Russia have been awarded a corner by Gianluca Rocchi.
70' 640809234 Fedor Smolov (Russia) gets in a header on goal but the attempt is cleared.
69' 640807760 Vitolo for Spain has been booked by Gianluca Rocchi and receives a first yellow card.
67' 640806460 Anton Miranchuk is replacing Aleksey Miranchuk for the home team.
66' 640806024 In Saint Petersburg Spain's Rodrigo Moreno is caught offside.
64' 640803946 Corner awarded to Spain.