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UEFA Europa League, Group D
HNK Rijeka
AC Milan
Begin: 07.12.2017 18:00 

HNK Rijeka - AC Milan


A total of 8021 spectators is reported.

90' 655199571 Istvan Vad blows to end the match. The final score is 2 - 0.
90' 655194537 Istvan Vad will wait an extra 3 minutes before blowing the whistle to end the second half.
89' 655191585 At Stadion HNK Rijeka, AC Milan are penalized for being offside.
86' 655187157 Charalampos Mavrias is on a sub for Zoran Kvrzic for HNK Rijeka.
82' 655180277 Corner awarded to AC Milan.
81' 655179233 Corner awarded to AC Milan.
81' 655178277 Matic Crnic (HNK Rijeka) has replaced the possibly injured Mario Gavranovic at Stadion HNK Rijeka.
80' 655177579 Gennaro Gattuso is making the team's second substitution at Stadion HNK Rijeka with Riccardo Forte replacing Luca Antonelli.
79' 655175057 In Rijeka HNK Rijeka's Mario Gavranovic is caught offside.
78' 655172885 Manuel Locatelli (AC Milan) has been given a yellow card and will be suspended from the next match.
77' 655171751 AC Milan are pushing forward but Lucas Biglia's finish is wide of the goal.
76' 655170179 HNK Rijeka's Mario Gavranovic looks ok and returns to the pitch.
76' 655169835 Play is underway once more.
76' 655169573 HNK Rijeka make their first substitution with Roberto Puncec replacing Maxwell Acosty.
75' 655168527 The match at Stadion HNK Rijeka has been interrupted briefly for a check on Mario Gavranovic, who is down injured.
74' 655166437 The away team replace Niccolo Zanellato with Ignazio Abate.
74' 655166087 Patrick Cutrone (AC Milan) gets up for a header but cannot keep the ball on target.
72' 655163827 AC Milan advance rapidly upfield but Istvan Vad blows for offside.
69' 655158433 AC Milan have been awarded a corner by Istvan Vad.