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UEFA Europa League, Group A
Villarreal CF
Maccabi Tel Aviv
Begin: 07.12.2017 18:00 

Villarreal CF - Maccabi Tel Aviv


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90' 655203481 Mads-Kristoffer Kristoffersen blows to end the match. The final score is 0 - 1.
90' 655196791 Mads-Kristoffer Kristoffersen will wait an extra 4 minutes before blowing the whistle to end the second half.
90' 655196355 Eliran Atar of Maccabi Tel Aviv gets in a strike, but is off target.
90' 655194275 Eliran Atar is replacing Nick Blackman for Maccabi Tel Aviv at Estadio de la Ceramica.
89' 655193149 CF Villarreal are coming forward and Daniel Raba gets in a strike, it misses the target, however.
87' 655190457 CF Villarreal's Dario Poveda gets his shot away but it misses the target.
83' 655184631 The away team replace Avi Rikan with Cristian Battocchio.
83' 655182537 CF Villarreal make their third substitution with Daniel Raba replacing Ramiro Guerra.
81' 655179755 Dario Poveda (CF Villarreal) is first to the ball but his header is off-target.
76' 655172101 Javier Calleja is making the team's second substitution at Estadio de la Ceramica with Sergio Lozano replacing Manu Morlanes.
74' 655167395 In Villarreal Maccabi Tel Aviv attack through Avi Rikan. The finish is off target, however.
72' 655164955 Eli Dasa is replacing Dor Miha for the away team.
68' 655159387 In Villarreal, Eitan Tibi (Maccabi Tel Aviv) gets his head to the ball but the strike is cleared by an untiring defence.
68' 655158521 Maccabi Tel Aviv’s Aaron Schoenfeld is on his feet again at Estadio de la Ceramica.
68' 655157825 Play has been resumed at Estadio de la Ceramica.
67' 655156601 Aaron Schoenfeld is writhing in pain and play has been suspended for a few moments.
62' 655149135 Pedro Martinez is on a sub for Roberto Soriano for CF Villarreal.
60' 655145651 Great play from Dor Miha to set up the goal.
60' 655145305 Nick Blackman scores to make it 1 - 0 at Estadio de la Ceramica.