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UEFA Europa League, Group B
Young Boys Bern
Skenderbeu Korce
Begin: 07.12.2017 18:00 

Young Boys Bern - Skenderbeu Korce


8209 spectators are watching the match in Bern.

90' 655206801 The match is over. Final score 2 - 1.
90' 655206537 FK Skenderbeu Korce's Bakary Nimaga looks ok and returns to the pitch.
90' 655206449 Roger Assale (Young Boys Bern) has received a yellow card from Simon Lee Evans.
90' 655206359 Roger Assale puts the ball in the net and the home team now lead 2 - 1.
90' 655206007 Corner awarded to Young Boys Bern.
90' 655205139 The match at Stade de Suisse is underway again.
90' 655205051 Attention is being given to FK Skenderbeu Korce’s Bakary Nimaga and play has been suspended briefly.
90' 655204613 FK Skenderbeu Korce's Bakary Nimaga has been booked in Bern.
90' 655198963 At Stade de Suisse the fourth official shows that 4 minutes will be added to the second half.
90' 655197923 Young Boys Bern drive forward and Leonardo Bertone gets in a shot. Without netting, however.
89' 655196617 Gledi Mici (FK Skenderbeu Korce) has been booked and will miss the next match due to a suspension.
87' 655193409 FK Skenderbeu Korce's Enis Gavazaj looks ok and returns to the pitch.
87' 655192019 Simon Lee Evans has blown to resume play in Bern.
86' 655191237 Play has been temporarily suspended for attention to Enis Gavazaj for FK Skenderbeu Korce who is writhing in pain on the pitch.
84' 655188629 Enis Gavazaj of FK Skenderbeu Korce is pulled up for offside.
82' 655185329 Roger Assale is replacing Guillaume Hoarau for the home team.
80' 655181755 Fidan Aliti returns to the field for FK Skenderbeu Korce after picking up a slight injury.
80' 655181149 The match in Bern is underway once more.
80' 655181061 Fidan Aliti is down and play has been interrupted for a few moments.