Neymar Friends triumphed over Robinho Friends 13-9 in a charity match that looked like a lot of fun to play in

The result was secondary, but the truth is that there was a rain of goals and the friends of Neymar finally won by 13-9 to Robinho and company.

The game is an initiative emerged from a crossroads of comments in an ironic tone between the two players on the social network Twitter that has finally come true in the capital of São Paulo.

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The two stars, who delighted the public with showy dribbling and goals, invited other international players such as Daniel Alves, Gabriel Jesus, Lucas Lima, Kaka or Julio Baptista, the latter two former Real Madrid players, as well as their Compatriot Robinho.

As a tribute, Neymar and his friends wore a uniform with the colors of the Colombian national team, while Robinho's colleagues carried the characteristic green and white of the ill-fated Santa Catarina team.

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The stands chanted the now famous chant "Vamos, vamos, Chape" and in one of the bottoms of the stadium there was a big banner that read: "El Pacaembu also feels your pain".

In a festive atmosphere with almost full capacity, the game also had the presence of other personalities from different sports disciplines such as Brazilian Formula One driver Felipe Massa, who last year raced at the Interlagos circuit in São Paulo.

Part of the proceeds obtained Thursday will be invested in Instituto Proyecto Neymar Jr., a complex that combines sport and education and shelters 2,400 children in Praia Grande, in the literal of the state of Sao Paulo.

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Also, fans, who came to make the wave repeatedly, brought food imperishable, which will be donated to social organizations and charities.

The fan generally complied with the requirement of organizers not to wear shirts of their favorite clubs except the elastic of the Brazilian soccer team and the Chapecoense.

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