Didier Drogba in analysing the poor performance of Africans in the World Cup has indicated that most African players don’t have positive attitude, especially those who established themselves on the continent before seeking greener pastures abroad.

He explained that people use excuses that failure is the will of God and move on in life without finding solutions to problems.

He said this in relation to Africa’s poor showing in the just ended FIFA World Cup, which all the five representatives from the continent exited at the group stage.

Didier Drogba thinks Africa’s disappointing World Cup in Russia is a blessing in disguise, since the continent would sit up moving forward.

"It was a difficult result for the African teams, but I think it is also good. It is important to see this, and witness this to understand that we need to change," Drogba told RT in Moscow, where he has acted for the past month as a pundit and ambassador.

"In West Africa, if you don't get the result you expected, people go 'It's OK, next time I will do better. It's OK, it's God's will,'" said Drogba.

"I have this positive mentality as well, but at the same time, I hate losing. The chance I had, leaving Ivory Coast at age six, and going to Europe, and being surrounded by people who want to always perform, I have both these sides. I think mentally, we need to believe that we can go to the World Cup to win it, not to participate," said Drogba.


"We need to find out why it is happening, and the how we can change it, and when," said Drogba.

"We need to keep the creativity, the craziness, the power, the physique of African football, but we need to add the consistency and organization, not necessarily of European teams, but of experienced teams."

All five African sides - Egypt, Morocco, Nigeria, Tunisia, and Senegal - did not qualify from the group stage of the World Cup finals.

Drogba has a stunning strike rate of 65 goals in 104 caps for his country.