Ghana Premier League is competitive than the Danish League - Inter Allies coach

Henrikh Lehm, coach of Ghanaian Premier League side Inter Allies has espoused the competitiveness of the local league.

Henrikh Lehm

Lehm, a Dane, said the local league is more competitive than that of his home country.

His main reason was that it is difficult to predict how games will go in the Ghanaian league unlike the Danish one.

He explained that in the Danish Super League there is a clear distinction between top teams, mid-table teams and teams to fall bottom on the league but that of Ghana is very difficult to predict.


“Well, if I look at Ghana Premier League, you know, for me, every game is difficult. You can see it’s a draw all the way down almost, you know. So in my country, there are some very good teams and some not so good teams and then some in the middle,” Henrikh Lehm told the club’s official website.

“But if I look at Ghana, last time I was here also, you know, everybody beats everybody. So it’s, it’s a difficult league. So there are no easy games,” he stressed.


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