'He knows the truth' - Lady reveals more amid Thomas Partey's rape allegations

Lady who accused Arsenal's Thomas Partey on rape has now shed more light on the alleged incident between her and the Ghanaian international.

More details emerge as Thomas Partey is allegedly being accused of Rape again

On Thursday night, July 28, 2022, a lady identified on Twitter as @deffonotchaur, took to the social media platform to call out Arsenal and Ghana midfielder Thomas Partey, on allegations of attempted rape.

The Arsenal midfielder who has once again made the news for the wrong reasons was previously faced with rape allegations courtesy of his Moroccan girlfriend Sara Bella.

The previous allegations was understood to be the reason why the Arsenal star was forced to initially miss the Gunners pre-season tour in Germany, after he was previously arrested, before he eventually joined up with his teammates for the rest of pre-season.

However, Partey's latest alleged scandal was brought to light by a lady understood to be the Arsenal star's former girlfriend known as Chaurntae.


Via her twitter account @deffonotchaur, the lady took to Twitter on Thursday night, to call out Partey, accusing the Ghanaian midfielder of attempted rape and sexual harassment claims.

According to her, Partey raped her on the 19th of June last year, when she was asleep the during a holiday trip with the Ghanaian international.

However, Chaurntae has now shed more light on the alleged incident via more posts and screenshots on her Twitter account - @deffonotchaur.


According to her, The Arsenal star only got away with the incident because the date she was raped when they were on holiday together was 10 days before UK law changed- allowing UK police forces jurisdiction over crimes committed outside the UK.

Recall, also that on Thursday night, reports in the UK media emerged that a Premier League footballer arrested for rape is no longer being investigated for one of three alleged attacks.

The name of the assailant which is currently being with-held due to legal reasons is understood to be a 29-year-old International playing for a North London club.

The report also adds that the footballer is still under investigation for two of the alleged sex crimes against two women as per The Sun.


@deffonotchaur while revealing more details of her alleged encounter adds that, Partey betrayed her trust and left her unconscious body, sore and bleeding the next day.

“Why don’t rape victims come forward” look at the way people have treated me. this is why I can’t keep living like this. I did nothing but trust the man I was dating wouldn’t take advantage of my unconscious body until I woke up sore and bleeding the next day." she said via a tweet.

When confronted by fans of the Arsenal midfielder on Twitter, @deffonotchaur reiterated that her claims aren't mere allegations insisting that Partey is very aware of the incident, and that she only seeks justice which she failed to get from the police.

'slander me all you want, I wanted to speak my truth before I mentally can’t handle being here anymore When I end my life because I can’t deal with the night terrors, daily panic attacks and flashback & the constant reminder that he’s seen as innocent. I know I did what I could.' she claimed.


'I fought as hard as I could. I did everything right. I went to the police. I reported it to the embassy. I gave my phone up for evidence even though I didn’t have to all for a legal technicality to ruin it all I was brave. Which means the other girl who can forward has a chance'

'I could’ve lived my life 6 figures richer but I couldn’t live with the guilt of knowing that he might get away with this and people wouldn’t know the type of monster he is. I can’t live my life knowing I didn’t do what I could to speak out. I was brave. I can’t do this now.' she added.

The lady in question, also laid claims of domestic abuse about Partey, stating that the Arsenal star previously attempted to also tried to push her down a flight of stairs as one of her tweets revealed.


'I’ve had to sit & watch people celebrate a man who ruined my life, raped me and then tried to push me down a flight of stairs. his club knew, knew about allegations of attempted rape against other women & exactly what he did to me and told me they can’t do anything as I’m over 18' she tweeted.

The alleged victim also further revealed that, her parents are Arsenal fans and supporters of the Ghanaian international but she had to leave her home , because she couldn't bare the cheers of her family members towards Partey.


@deffonotchaur also adds that her latest allegations against Thomas Partey could risk her becoming indebted eventually, but that she is willing to risk it all regardless, as she admits being emotionally stressed out and damaged due to the alleged incident.

She also added on Thursday night, that there will also be more revelations in the coming days.

Thomas Partey has been in incredible form for Arsenal since the start of the 2022/23 season. The Ghanaian midfielder has put the rape allegations and saga that threatened to rock his season behind him and shone under Mikel Arteta at Arsenal.


Partey has secured his starting berth in the Arsenal team with fewer injuries this season and is on course for his best season at the Emirates Stadium.

As of October 31, Thomas Partey's goals for Arsenal in the 2022/23 season was two (2) goals. The 29-year-old has also put in several good performances for an Arsenal side that are top of the Premier League table.

Stay tuned for the latest news updates and sports gist as this is still a developing story.....


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