Manchester United manager admits they can't win the league title

Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal says finishing second or third is more realistic


Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has admitted that his men cannot win the English Premier League this season.

In an interview with's Dan Walker, Van Gaal says that he hopes he can lead Manchester United to the title but believes that a second and third finish is more realistic.

"Maybe third or second place is realistic but I expect us to go for it next season," he said.

Van Gaal took responsibility for United's last league defeat to and reassured fans that will win their next game against Liverpool.

"I am sorry, the defeat, was my fault. Don't worry, we will win on Saturday," Van Gaal said.

Van Gaal went on to compliment Manchester United fans for their support during the bad times.

"At Barcelona when the team is losing fans wave their white hankies, Munich fans start whistling and at Ajax the fans call for the previous manager," he said.

"Manchester United fans get behind their manager, they get behind their team. That is why United fans are the best in the world."


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