Omos responds to claims about WWE being scripted

The Nigerian giant has weighed in on the recent debate about the authenticity of WWE's in-ring performances.

WWE's Nigerian giant Omos

The WWE network is one of the largest sports networks on the planet and is certainly no.1 when it comes to sports entertainment on the planet.


The iconic franchise is home to some of the biggest stars in the wrestling industry from superstars like The Rock, to John Cena, The Undertaker, and a host of others.

However, there's been a growing rumour about WWE performers acting out scripted sequences to be able to sell their stories to their global audiences on television.

While some fans seem convinced the multi-billion dollar industry is headlined by a mixture of real-life events and acting, others seem resigned to the authenticity of combat in the WWE with the belief that the outcome of matches are predetermined way before a fight.

The Nigerian giant Omos has now responded to claims about acting in the WWE.

When asked by a reporter if the WWE Superstars act out scenarios for the fans to an extent, Omos responded by saying the WWE is just like a reality show of an action movie.

"Think of it like the reality show in Nigeria yeah.. It's like an action film but in reality, where the actors have to communicate with their audience and there has to be a good guy and a bad guy" he said in the WWE Press Conference in Lagos.

Omos returned to Lagos for a promotional event of WWE's upcoming search for Africa's Next WWE Superstars alongside fellow WWE Superstar Apollo Crews.

While in Lagos, Omos had earlier surprised his family with a visit having been away for 14 years.

The Nigerian giant was in action at last weekend's Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia against Braun Strowman - a match which he ultimately lost to the self-acclaimed Monster of Monsters, but he has also confirmed he's relishing the chance of a rematch with Strowman when he returns to Monday Night Raw.


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