Fortnite versus Warzone, which battle royale game is the best?

Battle Royale has enjoyed being one of the most popular gaming genres of the last decade. We have seen an insane number of gamers jumping into these games to enjoy the thrilling gameplay with their friends and family across all kinds of different platforms out there.

Fortnite versus Warzone

And Fortnite sure is one of the very first games to come out in this action-packed genre followed by a ton of other titles over the years. But COD Warzone isn’t sitting too far behind, in fact, players are starting to compare these two titles to find out which one is better than the other. And to set the record straight, we are going to compare each and everything these titles are good at and let you guys be the judge as to which game is better than the other!

The War of Battle Royales

Fortnite and COD Warzone are definitely two of the very best battle royale games out there right now. Both of these games are so popular and successful for a great many reasons. They offer a great competitive environment for players who like it hardcore and both of these games come with ever-changing elements that keep the players gripped and coming back for more.

Both of the games have their own specific charm and they excel at different things. And if you have played the games you might already know which one is for you however there still are newcomers joining in every day. And if you are one of them, this guide is all about comparing Fortnite and Warzone to find out which one is the BEST!



I think the gameplay is what defines any game, because if the gameplay isn’t fun, what’s the point of playing? And when we talk about the gameplay of these two titles, it’s completely different from one another. Fortnite provides you with a more arcade-y kind of gameplay with less to do with realism and more to do with having fun. While Warzone focuses more on realistic gun-play, which is also why Warzone is a little more hardcore to get started with compared to Fortnite.

Warzone has weapons and other items based on real-world arsenal and they also play it out in a more realistic manner, if we talk about the gun recoils, control, and other characteristics. While in Fortnite, you can literally expect anything, from creating buildings on the fly as covers to taming fantastic beasts to help you out in your journey.



If the gameplay is the brain, surely the visual presentations is the heart of a game and play an important role in the success of a great game and both of these games look great in their own ways. Fortnite goes for a more vibrant approach when it comes to visuals and doesn’t revolve around realism. While Warzone is the polar opposite, and comparing both games on the basis of graphics is way harder than you think because both of the games are visually great in their own ways and it all then comes down to the subjective preference of every other player. Warzone is way more immersive as it resembles the reality better but Fortnite seems way more fun with its cute graphics and spooky characters.

Fortnite’s visual style allows more customization and also has a much wider variety for different cameos and cosplays from other famous games, TV shows, and whatnot. While Warzone is strictly restricted to its main classes as the characters however there are interesting new elements every now and then being introduced.

Getting Started

Another major difference that sets Fortnite apart is its ease of access and play. Getting started with a new Fortnite account is much easier to get into and start your career up and running while Warzone throws tons of hassle your way on your very first day, unless of course you purchase a decent Warzone account. Fortnite goes right off the bat while Warzone is much more complicated than that.

Fortnite comes on much more platforms than Warzone which makes it a universal battle royale while Warzone is just restricted to PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Fortnite surely has more points than Warzone no matter what the aspect is. The cherry on top is the Warzone’s notorious cheater problem. Cheaters are almost everywhere but you are less likely to encounter the likes of them in Fortnite while Warzone has been brimming up with them, Activision has promised to make things better in the future though.



Both the games are beloved for different reasons but Fortnite surely has got way more points if we are actually looking for a better game. And without a second thought, Fortnite holds tons of appeal with references to so many different elements that relate to pop culture, movie industry, and other games which makes it a beautiful game to jump into and the rest is assured by the players themselves and we all know Fortnite players have been way more loyal than warzone’s players.




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