Stop telling Ghanaian athletes to “Bring home gold” -Triple jumper Nadia Eke says(Pulse Contributor’s Explainer)

Ghana’s flag bearer, Nadia Eke has advised Ghanaians to be considerate when telling the Athletes to “bring home the gold”. According to her, that statement is very triggering to athletes and should be toned down.

Nadia Eke

The triple jumper took to her social media and shared her stance on the issue via Instagram stories to inform Ghanaians that, though she knows most of them mean well in telling Ghanaian athletes to win the gold, it is too extreme.

“No one would make it this far if they didn’t want the best for themselves….” Her post further read. She said Ghanaians should be considerate in the well-wishing messages they send to the athletes because telling them to win gold triggers their fears and places unwarranted pressure on them.

In Sports, our performances are objective, either you win or not… your validation as a person comes from constantly comparing yourself and result to others…..And that is exhausting and toxic…” her post read.

She also said “beyond the performances, Athletes are also humans with fears, dreams, and goals, etc. and the last thing they want is to be judged based on how their results measure up.

Nadia then suggested ways Ghanaians can wish their athletes well. “Try these other well wishes;” she said and they are as follows:

“I am so proud of you for making it this far in your athletic journey”

“I hope this experience is everything you wish for and more”

“Sending positive vibes your way ahead of the competition”

She further advised that Ghanaians should desist from quantifying the results of the various Ghanaian athletes.

Nadia will compete in the triple jump event on Friday, July 30 at 10:05 am.

Esther Owusuaa Appiah-Fei

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