Frustration photos of Africa's most prolific attacker summarises Egypt's loss

Mohamed Salah could not play a part to support Egypt. So, he was left a frustrated figure on the bench as the world watched on.

Sergio Ramos has received his fair share of hate for the role he played in Mohamed Salah’s injury in Real Madrid’s final game against Liverpool in the Champions League. Not that any player deserves hate.

The Spain defender, who is also at the 2018 FIFA World Cup tournament with his club, despite replays showing otherwise, received backlash for almost making Africa’s most prolific attacker at the moment miss the FIFA World Cup.

Salah, however, did not miss the tournament but did miss his team’s opening game against Uruguay.

Have you ever wished you could play a part to change a sit uation and couldn’t? That’s how Mo Salah felt when his team conceded the only goal in the 2018 FIFA World Cup game; Egypt versus Uruguay.

Jose Gimenez scored the only goal for Uruguay. With Salah on the bench and no chance to have an impact on the game, his demeanour looked a frustrated individual.

And the cameras captured.

But looking at a willing Salah unable to have an impact on a team due to a previous incident brings back one name to mind, Sergio Ramos.

For those who have already blamed the Real Madrid captain for causing Salah’s pain, these photos of Liverpool leading scorer in the just ended season will make them hate Sergio Ramos the more.



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