The Wizard of SoHo shares a list of his 5 favorite most NFTs

Once considered a get rich quick scheme, non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are becoming more popular and attracting a much larger audience as they shift from niche to mainstream.

Wizard of SoHo

In fact, NFT sales hit $10 billion in the third quarter of 2021. To examine the full monetary potential of NFTs, keep in mind that Gen Z has been raised amongst technology and NFTs could offer the perfect financial solution for an entire generation immersed in the digital landscape.

The Wizard of Soho, a Wall Street titan, assures his large audience that NFTs are the future. After spending a decade on Wall Street and serving as the Chief Visionary for TendieSwap, a decentralized finance exchange, this man knows what he is talking about. And he was more than happy to talk about his favorite NFTs.


When you look at a CyberKongz NFT, it might remind you of a classic video primate. These tokens are 2D and 3D social avatars to personalize online experiences. They are also top-dollar NFTs. What is called the OG Kongz (Genesis) were the first thousand images to drop, ten of which have achieved legendary status. An added crypto perk, they will drop ten $BANANA tokens daily for the next ten years. To expand this project, adorable Baby Kongz can be produced from two Genesis Kongz. The drawback: they cost 600 $BANANA each.


Ether Orcs

This is the world’s first 100% on-chain NFT game. It is a play to earn model and each collection of images has unique features that can access more in-game tokens that generate new experiences and rewards. The interactive gameplay earns users better items, more NFTs, and offers old-school competition in a crypto ecosystem built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Baby Chickens

A spin-off of the sell-out Chunky Chickens NFT with a similar concept to Baby Kongz. When it comes to these funky chicken images, they sold out with 24 hours of launch and inspired a group of “underdogs” to build their own unique chicks in 48 hours from start to finish while crowd-funding $1 million. It was an impressive community-based effort that demonstrates the potential of decentralized financial systems.

Message to Martians


This project is a blend of sci-fi humor and crypto. The model is built on blockchain transponders that let Earthlings write messages to Martians and get Space Capsules beamed down. When a user mints a transponder, the returning Space Capsule contains Space Gear for exploration & colonization. Writers are rewarded an NFT of their message as a gesture of thanks. This humorous project reads like a new chapter of a Douglas Adams book and is a hot topic in the NFT space.


This is one of the first NFT projects to adapt a 100% blockchain model. By taking no royalties during the initial mint, Anonymice boasts a tokenized minting procedure. Launched by two anonymous brothers, this collection consists of genesis and baby mice. With the breeding period over, the babies can now only be purchased from the marketplace.

If you ever considered investing in NFTs, let this wizard guide you on your journey. With his accuracy, one cannot help but wonder if he discovered a crypto crystal ball hidden deep in the metaverse.


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