The newly elected Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Northern Region,

He said nobody contributed a penny to his campaign and everything was from his personal contributions.

“I’m a businessman and I have supported the party in the Northern Region for long. During my campaign, nobody helped me with a cedi. I funded my own campaign. I didn’t buy votes. I won because of my campaign message,” he said.

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“I’ll bring unity to the party. Without Unity, I won’t be able to achieve my goals. It is based on unity that I plan visiting Bugri Naabu at his residence today. When I was told he had an accident, I went to the hospital to visit him and halted my campaign”, he added.

Naabu was involved in a ghastly car crash on Thursday and he  towed his mangled vehicle 130km from Larbanga, where it crashed Thursday dawn, to the voting grounds at the Aliu Mahama Sports Stadium.

Prior to the internal elections, the vociferous regional chairman had written to president Akufo-Addo presenting a long list of more than 15 individuals including leading opposition figures accusing them of plots to cause his defeat.